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Our Testing and Inspection Capabilities

In today's modern manufacturing landscape, quality, safety and efficiency are non-negotiables. That's why at Steel Dynamics, we take pride in our comprehensive range of testing equipment, designed to guarantee first-rate standards in every aspect of steel production.

Our FARO VantageE Laser Tracker sets the standard in workflow productivity management for metrology applications. We have a portable FARO Arm portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) allows for easy verification of product quality through 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, reverse engineering, and more.

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is also integral to our Quality Management System. From nuclear applications to aerospace, PMI eliminates incorrect materials being used and also ensures no counterfeit or suspect materials enter our supply chain.

Trust us to provide the assurance you need in every steel order we deliver.

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