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Nuclear Expertise

Steel Dynamics are the world’s first ISO 19443 accredited metal service centre.

With nuclear power playing a crucial role in achieving net-zero emissions and reducing greenhouse gases, we’re proud to be a leading supplier in the nation’s commitment to clean and reliable energy sources.


Steel Dynamics has been at the forefront of the nuclear sector, supplying critical stainless and carbon steel materials to power plants and nuclear applications.

ISO 19443 Approved

ISO 19443 is a quality management standard that applies the principles of the international standard for quality, ISO 9001, to the nuclear sector. It can be used by businesses within the entire nuclear supply chain for any equipment, product or service important to nuclear safety.

We provide metals of the highest European origin quality to ensure both new build and decommissioned materials are contained effectively and safely. But our contribution to the nuclear renaissance isn’t limited to our quality materials and safety standards.


Nuclear Demands

We’ve also made strategic investments in expanding our infrastructure and systems to support the nuclear industry’s growing demands.

  • Separate Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel facilities so no cross-contamination

  • Employees are Suitably Qualified Experienced Personnel (SQEP) compliant

  • Conducting regular in-house ferroxile testing

  • Maintaining a strong PMI material testing program

We learn from experience, question, monitor and follow our accreditations diligently whilst making sure no counterfeit or suspect items enter our supply chain.

These investments not only bolster our production capacity but also underscore our commitment to ensuring nuclear-grade excellence across all our operations. 

It also demonstrates our commitment to Health & Safety and Quality, and provides all our customers with complete reassurance – not just in nuclear, but in every market sector - that all our materials meet the highest possible standards, representing the very best in class of process and products.

Our Dedicated Stainless Only Facility

Stainless Only Bed Rails


Stainless Only Grabs & Suction Lift


Stainless Cladded Fork Lifts


Positive Material Identification Gun

pmi gun

Contamination Free Storage

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