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duplex steel

Duplex Steel

Duplex Stainless Steel combines the benefits of austenitic and ferritic Stainless Steels, offering high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

Duplex Stainless Steels offer a unique combination of corrosion resistance, strength, toughness and weldability, making them ideal for demanding applications across various industries, particularly in aggressive environments where other materials may fail.


Their versatility and reliability have established them as essential materials in modern engineering and construction.

Super Duplex

Super Duplex Stainless Steel is a type of corrosion-resistant alloy that is highly resistant to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking and pitting. It is often used 
as a substitute for 300 series Stainless Steel, high nickel super-austenitic steels and nickel-based alloys.

Super Duplex Stainless Steel is often used in applications that require high strength and corrosion resistance in various industries such as chemical/petrochemical, 
pulp and paper and marine, such as oil and gas pipelines, heat exchangers and pressure vessels. 

  • UNS 32750 - 1.4410

  • UNS 32760 - 1.4501

super duplex

Duplex Steel

Duplex Stainless Steel is a type of Stainless Steel that is composed of grains of two types of Stainless Steel material, austenitic and ferritic. Duplex Stainless Steels are designed to provide better corrosion resistance and higher strength than standard austenitic Stainless Steels due to the differences in composition.

Both the low nickel content and the high strength (enabling thinner sections to be used) give significant cost benefits. They are therefore used extensively in the 
offshore oil and gas industry for pipework systems, manifolds, risers, etc. and in the petrochemical industry in the form of pipelines and pressure vessels.

  • UNS 31803 - 1.4462

Lean Duplex

We only stock and process premium quality materials from the most leading and reputable European mills, and we’ve recently been processing and supplying a specific type of Stainless Steel for some specialist projects: Lean Duplex. Grades we have available are:

  • LDX 2101 - 1.4162, offering superior corrosion resistance to 304 & 316 grades

  • DX 2202 - 1.4062, with enhanced properties compared to grade 304L

  • EDX 2304 - 1.4362, which is a cost-efficient alternative for 316L steel

The lean designation indicates a reduced alloying content, particularly in nickel, while still offering excellent corrosion resistance, strength, weldability and cost-effectiveness.

lean duplex

Duplex stainless steel finds applications in various industries including chemical processing, oil and gas, desalination, pulp and paper, water treatment, marine, architecture, and food processing, among others.


Its versatility, combined with its superior properties, makes it suitable for a wide range of demanding environments and applications.

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