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thames tideway

Project Overview

Thames Tideway Sewer Tunnel

London, UK

Project Overview

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a major infrastructure project in London, England, designed to address the issue of sewage overflow into the River Thames and its tributaries during periods of heavy rainfall. Currently London's Victorian-era sewer system often becomes overwhelmed during storms, leading to the discharge of untreated sewage into the river, causing pollution and posing health risks.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a large-scale engineering project that involves the construction of a new sewer tunnel running approximately 15.5 miles full length beneath the River Thames. The tunnel will intercept sewage overflow from the existing combined sewer overflows along the river and transport it to the Beckton sewage treatment works in East London for processing.

After being invited to the tender process, Steel Dynamics proposed a manufacturing plan to design, manage and supply Stainless Steel profiles to be fabricated on vortex assemblies for the super-sewer clean-up project, with a schedule in agreement with the client.

To date, Steel Dynamics have procured, managed and supplied over 550 tonnes of 316L Stainless Steel plate. This involves ensuring the drawings met the exacting requirements of the project requirement and modifying where necessary in accordance with customer approval, with cost-effective processing of the material to ensure maximum utilisation of the Stainless Steel plate.

Full manufacturing, inspection and verification of material and profiles was handled by Steel Dynamics providing full material management expertise, with third-party testing to required standards including quality control compliancy.

The project involves extensive construction work, including the excavation of the tunnel, construction of shafts and interception chambers, and installation of pumping stations and other infrastructure. Steel Dynamics were responsible for the project management of welding, fabrication and on-site installation, organising logistics and on-time delivery to the client’s schedule across 10 sites, and organising site visits by our approved sub-contractor.

Overall, the Thames Tideway Tunnel represents a significant effort to modernise London's sewage infrastructure, improve water quality, and protect the environment. Once completed, it is expected to have a lasting positive impact on the health and sustainability of the River Thames and the surrounding areas.

The work undertaken by the Steel Dynamics team led to the company receiving a letter of commendation from the contractor "My hat goes off to you and your team involved with this as it was a real feat of engineering and collaboration. The efforts put in by all is apparent in the result and exact timings. Well done and thanks to you all for your hard work and contribution to achieve this."

Material grade supplied:
Steel quantity supplied:
Time to market:


316L Stainless Steel
550 tonnes
Waterjet Cutting & Plasma Cutting
3 years

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