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Delivery Solutions

Explore a world of hassle-free deliveries with our trusted services, where speed, safety, and customer satisfaction converge to redefine the standards of excellence in the metals industry.

Steel Dynamics are leading the way in metals industry logistics by offering a number of different delivery solutions so that customers have the flexibility to select the option that best suits their business needs.


We operate and maintain our own private fleet of delivery vans and trucks covering the UK, in addition to using third party couriers services and haulage suppliers where appropriate.

Truck Fleet

We operate and maintain our own private fleet of 12 delivery vehicles covering the UK, with fuel efficient Euro 6 category HGV vehicles with an additional tank for AdBlue additive that results in low emissions.


Over the last year, our new 100,000 sq.ft. warehouse and distribution centre became fully operational, serviced by 4 cranes and modern handling equipment, and providing an increase in our stock holding capacity to better service the needs of our existing and new customers.

Order are delivered throughout the UK, with our Warehouse Management System automatically categorises metal orders by size and location.

truck fleet

Assembly & Installation

Steel Dynamics provide turnkey solutions for our clients. Trial product assembly is a vital element of pre-factory dispatch as typically, given the size and weight of the engineered items, it is not feasible to dispatch them in a fully assembled condition. The trial assembly ensures all the components fit and align together. Any snags and adjustments can then be made in the factory so that the onsite final assembly goes smoothly and efficiently.


Some sites require our experienced team to conduct full installation and commissioning. No matter what the requirement, the team at Steel Dynamics can support the client, providing skilled, qualified and experienced people (SQEP) with the correct health & safety certification to complete the project to the exacting specifications.

Greener Transportation

We’re also committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving the environmental performance of our fleet of vehicles.To help us reduce our CO2 emission targets, our drivers are instructed to shut off their trucks to save fuel usage and reduce greenhouse gases, all of which is monitored by our Transport team.


It is imperative that our vehicles maintain high quality standards and we must continue to invest in futureproof technology. Over the last 2 years, dozens of company vehicles have been replaced with electric and hybrid cars, powered through connection to electrical charging points installed at our head office site. For our head office employees, we also encourage the use of alternative means of transport and car sharing as appropriate.

car charging

Across the Steel Dynamics Group, we have also just taken delivery of two new electric combi-lift trucks for our warehouse and distribution centre.

These electric combi-lift trucks produce zero emissions at the point of use, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality compared to our old propane gas trucks, helping to create a more comfortable working environment for our employees.

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