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Total Service Concept

Our aim is to increase the overall value of service and parts we process for you – it’s that simple.

Total Service Concept (TSC) is specifically designed with only our customer’s needs in mind.

At Steel Dynamics, we believe in building long-standing relationships with all our customers, so we’ve developed our sustainable TSC aimed at taking the stress away by fully managing our customers’ metal requirements - from material procurement right through to delivery.

Our concept makes us perfectly positioned to support customers with a world-class approach that includes several value-added processes suited to both project-based work and more complex and challenging applications. TSC is applicable to all customers from all market sectors, with no additional costs.

Free Consultation Service

We take the stress away by fully managing our customer's metal requirements, from material procurement right through to delivery, allowing our customers to focus on other important areas of business.

Our customers receive full control of their order requirements including approval for material specification and testing, lead-times, processing methods, shopfloor facility checking.


Materials Management Experts

A true understanding and review of our customer's production processes means we can provide tailored solutions that offer a better return on metal processing investment.

  • We take care of material sourcing, with steel from EU certified mills only.

  • We eliminate duplication and waste by using the most efficient processing and nesting systems

  • We help reduce material costs by increasing customer yield and reducing scrap

  • We deliver the highest value of cut parts with no charge until the point of use

We also stock more than 5,000 tonnes of stainless steel sheet and plate, and we cut this on some of the largest, most accurate laser machines in Europe. This combination allows us to turn your jobs around quickly and accurately.

By thinking differently we can help you make substantial savings. For further details click on the image below to view our TSC brochure, or contact our sales team today to find out more.

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