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Project Overview

Sellafield Nuclear Power Station

Cumbria, UK

Nuclear Glovebox Programme

Project Overview

As a prominent supplier to the nuclear industry, Steel Dynamics has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and efficiency. Tasked with supplying stainless steel for the Sellafield Nuclear Glovebox programme, Steel Dynamics leveraged its Total Service Concept (TSC) to enhance yield, reduce waste and lower costs for the customer.

A nuclear glovebox, particularly for a project like Sellafield, is a specialised containment system used for handling and containing radioactive materials safely, ensuring both environmental and human safety during the decommissioning process. It's essentially a sealed container with built-in gloves, allowing operators to manipulate radioactive materials without direct contact.


The decommissioning of nuclear power plants involves the dismantling and decontamination of radioactive components. Given the hazardous nature of these materials, the need for robust and reliable containment systems is paramount. The project required meticulous planning, precision engineering, and adherence to stringent safety standards.

The Sellafield Nuclear Glovebox programme required significant quantities of 316L stainless steel plate, presenting challenges in terms of material utilisation, waste reduction and cost efficiency. The original project brief was for standard size available plates which necessitated 7,400kg of material, resulting in potential inefficiencies in manufacturing procedures and supply chain management.

Steel Dynamics implemented its Total Service Concept to address the challenges faced by the Sellafield Nuclear Glovebox programme. The TSC approach involved a comprehensive analysis of the customer's manufacturing procedures, identification of material reduction opportunities and the elimination of inefficiencies in the supply chain.


Through detailed analysis, Steel Dynamics identified opportunities to reduce material usage without compromising the integrity or functionality of the final product. By leveraging our nesting expertise and CAD software capabilities, we produced bespoke plate sizes tailored to the specific requirements of the Nuclear Glovebox programme, which in turn minimised waste and maximised material use.

The implementation of Steel Dynamics TSC resulted in a remarkable 24.7% reduction in material usage for the Sellafield Nuclear Glovebox programme, helping the customer achieve significant cost savings and enhancing the overall project's economic viability. The one-touch solution and streamlined supply chain not only enhanced overall project efficiency, but also reduced lead times by 3-4 weeks, ensuring timely delivery of materials.

By significantly reducing material usage, lowering costs and improving efficiency, Steel Dynamics reaffirmed its position as a world-class supplier to the nuclear industry, playing a vital role in the safe and efficient decommissioning of the Sellafield nuclear power plant in the UK.

Material grade supplied:
Steel quantity supplied:
Time to market:

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316L Stainless Steel
170 tonnes (ongoing)
Fibre Laser Cutting
2-3 years

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