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nickel alloy

Nickel Alloy

Nickel alloys are a diverse group of materials known for their strong corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, and magnetic properties.

Nickel Alloys offer a unique combination of properties that make them indispensable in many industrial applications where corrosion resistance, high temperature performance, and mechanical strength are essential.


Their versatility and reliability have led to widespread use across a diverse range of industries.

Hastelloy Nickel Alloys

Hastelloy alloys are nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloys with great strength and oxidation resistance, often used in high-temperature environments. They are renowned for their corrosion resistance and are used in various high-stress industrial applications. 

  • C-22. Offers better resistance to uniform corrosion in oxidizing media than C-4 and C-276, and has excellent localised corrosion resistance.

  • C-276. Exhibits good resistance to oxidising and moderately reducing corrosion, and has excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance.

nickel alloy

Monel Nickel Alloys

Monel is a group of nickel alloys primarily composed of nickel and copper, with small amounts of other elements like iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon, offering good strength and corrosion resistance in marine and chemical environments.

  • 400 (Alloy 400): Known for its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance in a range of acidic and alkaline environments, and its ability to withstand seawater and steam at high temperatures.

Inconel Nickel Alloys

Inconel alloys are a family of nickel-chromium-based super alloys known for their resistance to oxidation and corrosion, especially in extreme environments. They retain strength over a wide temperature range, which is ideal for high-temperature applications.

  • 600: Solid solution strengthened, with good resistance to many corrosive substances and high-temperature environments

  • 625: Contains niobium for strengthening, which gives it high strength without the need for heat treatment

nickel alloy

Incoloy Nickel Alloys

Incoloy alloys are a series of nickel-iron-chromium alloys known for their high temperature durability and exceptional corrosion resistance, particularly in aggressive environments. They are leaner nickel versions of the Inconel range, offering more economical solutions to corrosive and high-temperature environments.

  • Alloy 800: Designed for high-temperature structural applications and has a high creep-rupture strength due to the close control of carbon, aluminum, and titanium.

  • Alloy 825: Known for its exceptional resistance to very corrosive environments, it has excellent resistance to oxidising substances, pitting, crevice corrosion, sulfuric, and phosphoric acids.

200 Grade Nickel Alloys

Nickel 200 and Nickel 201 are two commercially pure wrought nickel grades with excellent mechanical properties and resistance to a range of corrosive environments.

  • Nickel 200 (UNS N02200): It is 99.6% pure nickel which offers excellent resistance to corrosion by caustic alkalis and is used in food processing, synthetic fiber production, and other applications.

  • Nickel 201 (UNS N02201): This is the low carbon version of Nickel 200 and is suitable for applications where extended exposure to high temperatures can lead to the formation of graphite. It’s used in caustic salt evaporators and electronic components.

Nickel alloys find applications in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, chemical processing, oil and gas, automotive, electronics, medical, and marine.


They are used in components such as valves, pumps, turbines, reactors, heat exchangers, and various other critical parts.

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