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Testing & Inspection

Quality, Safety and Cost-Effective Steel Processing with Steel Dynamics!

In today's modern manufacturing landscape, quality, safety and efficiency are non-negotiables. That's why at Steel Dynamics, we take pride in our comprehensive range of testing equipment, designed to guarantee first-rate standards in every aspect of steel production.


Let's delve into some of our cutting-edge testing and inspection equipment.

FARO Laser Tracker

The FARO Laser Tracker is a highly advanced measurement tool that enhances precision, efficiency and flexibility in various industrial applications. Its ability to provide accurate 3D measurements makes it invaluable for tasks that require meticulous verification and alignment of large components and assemblies.


Our FARO VantageE sets the standard in workflow productivity management for metrology applications. With a spherical working volume of 70m (230ft.) and accuracy up to 0.015mm (0.0006 in.), this high-performance laser tracker maximises productivity and slashes inspection cycle times by 50-75%.

faro laser
faro arm


the FARO Arm is a versatile and precise measurement tool that enhances the ability to perform detailed inspections and measurements across various industries. Its portability, flexibility, and accuracy make it an essential device for tasks ranging from quality control to reverse engineering and beyond.


This portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) allows for easy verification of product quality through 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, reverse engineering, and more. It's a versatile tool that ensures precision and reliability in every measurement.

PMI Testing Guns

PMI testing guns, also known as Positive Material Identification (PMI) analysers, are portable devices used to determine the composition of metals and alloys. These handheld tools are critical in ensuring material quality and verifying that the correct materials are used in manufacturing processes. 

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is integral to our Quality Management System. From nuclear applications to aerospace, PMI eliminates incorrect materials being used and also ensures no counterfeit or suspect materials enter our supply chain. By maintaining a robust PMI program, we ensure each incoming delivery meets the correct material grade prior to production.

pmi gun

Digital Calipers

Digital Vernier calipers are precision measurement tools widely used in various industries, including steel processing, to measure internal and external dimensions, depths, and steps of objects with high accuracy. 


They can measure inside dimensions, outside dimensions, depths and steps with a single tool, providing precise measurements, typically with an accuracy of ±0.02 mm or better, which is crucial for maintaining quality in steel processing. They play a critical role in quality control and assurance, helping ensure that steel products meet stringent standards and specifications.

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