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Project Overview

Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station

Somerset, UK

Project Overview

Hinkley Point C is a significant nuclear power station project located in Somerset, England. It is being developed by EDF Energy and the project involves the construction of European Pressurised Reactors (EPRs), a third-generation nuclear reactor design.

Hinkley Point C aims to provide low-carbon electricity to meet a significant portion of the UK's energy needs, contributing to the country's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. Once completed, it is expected to have a total capacity of around 3,260 megawatts, making it one of the largest power stations in the UK, capable of supplying electricity to around 6 million homes.

Steel Dynamics were awarded the contract for the supply chain management of Stainless Steel profiles into the Hinkley Point C project. We were chosen to complete this project due to our ability to provide lowest total acquisition and best value. Our expertise in material management delivered increased yield and reductions in manufacturing process, cycle times and duplication.

A true understanding and review of our customer's production processes meant we could provide tailored solutions that offer a better return on metal processing investment.

Steel Dynamics also took care of material sourcing, with steel from EU certified mills only, providing Stainless Steel sheet and plate, profiled, rolled and machined, and eliminated duplication and waste by using the most efficient processing and nesting systems. We also helped to reduce material costs by increasing customer yield and reducing scrap, delivering the highest value of cut parts with no charge until the point of use.

Hinkley Point C is one of the most expensive construction projects in the world, with estimated costs exceeding £46 billion, but Steel Dynamics were responsible for delivering cost and material reductions in excess of 20% for specific projects at Hinkley Point C, reducing manufacturing processes and cycle times, and thereby reducing waste. By utilising our in-house capabilities and one-touch solutions, Steel Dynamics were able to save the client time and money, managing the cost of quality to point of use.

Overall, Hinkley Point C represents a significant investment in nuclear power infrastructure in the UK, with the aim of providing low-carbon electricity. As part of our Total Service Concept, Steel Dynamics managed all aspects of outsourcing requirements of the Stainless Steel profiles into the Hinkley Point C nuclear reactor project including specific testing and inspections, playing our part in supporting the country's energy transition efforts.

Material grade supplied:
Steel quantity supplied:
Time to market:


304 & 316 Stainless Steel
300 tonnes (ongoing)
Laser Cutting & Rolling
4-6 years

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