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steel processing


With our top-of-the-range, in-house processing equipment, Steel Dynamics supplies some of the most demanding high integrity applications on the planet.

We have a committed workforce that enables us to deliver some of the quickest lead times the industry has to offer with over 95% of orders fulfilled ‘on time in full’.


Our strategic mill partners deliver into us, we then turn that into smaller orders with over 50% being processed and delivered within 3 days from point of order.

Waterjet Cutting
4 machines (< 14M x 4M)

We can carry out waterjet cutting on Stainless Steel grades up to 200mm in thickness, offering the highest precision and cutting of complex shapes and contours - with minimal tolerances. Waterjet cutting is also considered environmentally friendly because it typically produces little to no hazardous waste.


The cutting process uses water and abrasive, and the water can be recycled, making it a cleaner and more sustainable option compared to some other cutting methods. All our waterjet cutting machines operate with 100% eco-efficiency, meaning we can sustainably support our customers with the most environmentally friendly processing equipment.


Laserjet Cutting
4 machines (< 8M x 2.5M)

Laser cutting is another popular metal processing technique, similar to waterjet cutting in some aspects but using a focused laser beam instead of a high-pressure water stream to cut through metal. The high energy density of the laser beam allows it to rapidly heat and remove material, resulting in a clean, precise cut.

Laser cutting can achieve extremely high levels of precision, with narrow kerf widths and minimal material wastage. Our high powered fibre laser machines can easily produce intricate shapes and contours on all metals up to 30mm thickness, cutting complex designs with tight tolerances with rapid production of parts and components.

Hi-Def Plasma Cutting
(< 9M x 3M)

We have the latest plasma cutting technology with a machine work area up to 9M x 3M, with an Oxy fuel head cutting option that comes into its own on much thicker steel parts up to 150mm thickness. In plasma cutting, a plasma torch is used to generate the high-velocity jet of ionized gas. The torch consists of a nozzle through which the gas is forced, an electrode that creates an electrical arc, and a constricting orifice to control the gas flow and maintain the plasma arc.

The oxy-fuel cutting head is an additional attachment or module that can be integrated into the plasma cutting system, particularly suitable for thicker metals or materials where a cleaner edge finish is required.

plasma cutting
cnc machining

CNC Machining
4 Milling machines (< 4.4M x 1.8M)

The CNC milling machine's spindle rotates the cutting tool at high speeds, while simultaneously moving it along multiple axes to remove material from the workpiece according to the programmed toolpaths. The cutting tool cuts into the metal stock, shaping it into the desired form and creating features such as holes, slots and contours.

CNC lathes with live tooling capabilities offer enhanced versatility in metal processing by allowing for both turning and milling operations to be performed on the same machine. Traditionally used for turning cylindrical parts by rotating the workpiece against a stationary cutting tool, this process is ideal for creating features like grooves, threads and tapers.

CNC Cutting

Our plate saws are designed for economic cutting of all small-medium sized blocks and plates. The hydraulic, electronically monitored blade tension and the pivoting operating panel guarantee the necessary accuracy on all straight cuts with a cutting length from 6M to 2M – offering that essential precision with fine and controlled cuts from billets, plates, rectangular or flat material.

Our state-of-the-art metal bar cutting gives cutting-edge accuracy on all metals up to 20” diameter. Our machines combine solid mechanical engineering and innovative control technology with one sole purpose – the smoothest possible saw band operation for high cutting precision.

cnc cutting
press brake

Steel Folding

The new Bystronic Xpert Pro 320 press brake now has pride of place in our production facilities alongside our existing two other press brakes, but we can now apply up to 320 tonnes of force to the sheet metal during the bending process, with capability to fold materials up to 4 metres in length. That’s why we acquired our press brake, to literally open up a ton of opportunities for shaping metal and using it to your advantage.

Not only does the Xpert Pro work rapidly, but our new press brake is also impressive when faced with high demands. The hydraulic machine controls can ensure the precision and accuracy to allow an exact fit for many applications. This way, we can make sure it meets the specifications for any project you need to complete – whether simple or complex parts. 

Testing Equipment

The FARO Laser Tracker is a portable, high-precision measurement device that uses laser interferometry to track and measure the position of a target with exceptional accuracy. We also have a FARO arm which is a portable coordinate measuring machine that allows for accurate and reliable 3D measurement of parts and assemblies.

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is also an integral process in our Quality Management System. By maintaining a strong PMI program, it is possible to virtually eliminate material failures and our PMI guns ensure that each incoming delivery is the correct material grade prior to investing a large amount of production time and ensures conformity prior to shipment to our customers.


If you have any urgent product requirements, we also have a breakdown support service available with a quick turnaround. 


In fact, our reputation for problem solving and working with our clients closely, enables us to go ‘above and beyond’ for our customers, performing some of the most difficult processing tasks in our industry. 

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