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health and safety

Health & Safety

Steel Dynamics is a Health and Safety Company, where safeguarding lives and promoting wellness is our utmost priority.

At Steel Dynamics, safety is not just a priority - it is a core value embedded in every aspect of our business.


We also recognise that our greatest asset is our people. This fundamental belief drives our steadfast focus on health and safety, ensuring that every employee, contractor and visitor is protected within our operations.

Employee Health & Safety

Employee Health and Safety is always a primary concern and remains centric to everything we do. It’s everyone’s responsibility, no shortcuts, no compromise, no one gets injured, and everyone goes home safe everyday. Our ISO45001 Health and Safety certificate demonstrates our commitment to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace by ensuring that work equipment is safe and that a safe system of work is provided for all our employees. 


We are committed to playing our part to ensure the protection of our workforce, the public and the environment during subsequent use of our products, helping to prevent accidents and mitigate the consequences of accidents. 

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Health & Safety Training

Our approach to health and safety is comprehensive and proactive. We invest in cutting-edge technology, rigorous training programs, and continuous improvement initiatives to foster a culture where safety is paramount. By adhering to the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements, we strive not only to prevent accidents and injuries but also to promote overall wellbeing and productivity.


We have a team of employees who have successfully completed the Mental Health First Aid Certification course which equips them with the knowledge to identify those who require mental health support and the confidence to help employees where required.

Health & Safety Culture

Our commitment to Health & Safety is rooted in a deep understanding of regulatory standards, industry best practices, and cutting-edge technology. Within Steel Dynamics we work with our clients and suppliers alike to put Health & Safety at the forefront of everything we do. Our onsite work services include risk assessments, safety training, method statements, lifting procedures and emergency preparedness.


Driven by a passion for excellence and a dedication to continuous improvement, we partner with our clients to develop product solutions that mitigate risks, foster a culture of safety, and achieve sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders.

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